Bhajan stage decoration

Ganesh statue is placed right in the middle of the stage.

Bhajan Kirtan stage setup

A better view of the set up with pictures of all the Devi and Devta with garlands.

Tabla and Harmonium

Some of the musical instruments used for Bhajan.

Everybody joins in

Everybody is welcome to sing a bhajan. You can email us the song at

Lamp Lighting

To start the event, first lamp is lit by the sponsors. If you wish to sponsor a bhajan please contact us on 07725 582624.


Arti is again started by the sponsors, which is then followed by all the devotees.

Arti by devotees

Arti by the devotees.

Talk on Hinduism

A small talk on Hinduism, which also shows how Hinduism is linked with Science.

Preet Bhoj

Simple yet delicious preet bhoj to all the devotees. Yummy!

Talk on Hinduism

A short talk on Hinduism.

Dussehra workshop and celebrations

Dussehra workshop for kids was organised by Priya Singhal. Kids got a chance to create Ramayan masks for themselves and make heads of Raavan effigy
Ravan dahan was then carried out by kids. Parents also relived their childhood

SwIndians Independence day celebrations

Performed by Adi Singhal, Aaryaman Singh, Daksh Manocha, Neel Patel, Siddharth Ravi, Aashi Khaitan (could not attend)

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